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Guidelines to use the logo

Who can use the VMove logo?

Organizations and individuals who want to promote creative physical activity around them or in their premises.  

What does the VMove logo signify?


The two hands joined together shaping “V” “M”, symbolizes VMove (We Move). The font is selected to show movement. The VMove symbol can be used as a hand signal or logo as a common unifying global means to:


  • Inform, inspire and motivate people to move together in different settings

  • Enable and promote physical activity in private & public premises

  • Spread awareness of VMove to create a global movement


How can you use the logo?


Post this logo on a wall, door, or other display area to endorse and encourage movement. Use the logo on attire, stickers, magnets, and other creative uses to endorse, promote and spread the VMove initiative. The VMove logo should not be commercialized or sold. For any other purposes, please send your request for permission and any questions by email (


Add the Facebook and website link below to help spread VMove.


VMove #VMove #VMovement 


The VMove flyer () and additional information in any language can be displayed with the logo.



How can you use the VMove logo?
What can be the size and color of VMove logo?
What does the VMove logo signify?

Size: Can be changed as long as VMove is legible


Background color: White is recommended, when using black font. Inverse color can be used in exceptional cases, using white logo on black background.

Fill the following information and download the Logo



How can you be a part of VMove?
Start your moves. Interact with VMove in any way.
Use #VMove, #VMovement.
Visit, like and share
Use the VMove hand signal  inviting others to move with you
Download and display the VMove logo 
If you want, you can be listed on the website as per your level of leadership and initiative (honors system):
Lead group moves outside the norm. Post photos and videos, showing creative movement that you initiated in new ways or settings.
Enable and inspire your organization, neighborhood or community to adopt VMove, to change the norms to be move friendly.
Be the first to initiate, develop, promote and display creative VMoves for a type of setting, type of group, or for a country.
Post the logo and promote VMove in your organization.
Contribute content or ideas on an ad hoc basis. Oversee some component as an expert in a particular area. Take initiative and communicate new ways to promote expand and spread
If you want to be a contributor or leader and can contribute your time or expertise, write to us at Share the benefits to make VMove a global reality.
Substantial honorary commitment. Help in developing the website or social media outreach, in day to day operations, or in developing content. Student interns are welcome.

Other leadership positions will be developed and offered as VMove progresses.

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