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Your perception of whether you have time to exercise depends highly on your level of motivation. Congratulations, taking the initiative to visit this website shows you are already motivated to do more.
Understanding the benefits of exercise can further motivate you to strive for meeting the physical activity recommendationsImportant: Frequent light activity and exercise are both necessary and independently beneficial. Remember to sit less, try to do more tasks while changing to a standing posture. You can also add some movement, and move more during activity breaks. Don’t think too much, just do it!
One of the novel concepts of VMove is to motivate people to move in public in a variety of settings. Seeing people move and the use of the VMove hand signal and logo will motivate you and others, and draw more people to move.
We all have 24 hours in the day, but many of us struggle to devote a small fraction of that time to meet the recommendations. You can also exercise with two or more 10 minute moderate to vigorous aerobic activity sessions, instead of one session of 20+ minutes in the day. If you have never exercised, starting with two minute activities may be a way to get more active and gear up towards a comprehensive physical activity plan. If you choose something fun, you may likely want to keep going for longer. Use your minutes. You can also creatively add more movement to routine activities (eg. marching while on the phone, stationary walking while cooking, etc.) thus incorporating more activity in the same amount of time.
Visit the VMove Facebook page and Youtube channel to get ideas for individual and group movements in different settings.  The group movements promoted by VMove may help you to inspire others and also help sustain your own motivation. 

Where there is a will there is a way: VMove break during an examination

Got minutes?

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