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Even though you may be exercising regularly, you could still benefit from increasing your activity level with light or moderate activity throughout the day, specially if you spend a lot of time sitting. VMove is creating a cultural change to enable you to move more in settings where you might otherwise feel uncomfortable or shy. VMove could be a way of life that keeps you more active.

Creactively (a word and concept coined for the TEDx talk combining creative and active). 


This section on creactivity shows examples of using creativity to adapt different types of physical activity for different settings, age, activity level and available time  within available resources. 


Since barriers of time and space, and concerns about people’s reactions, often impede us from moving when and where we could, we need to creactively find ways beyond the current norms, to add movement to our daily routines both with activity breaks and also with movement incorporated while continuing other responsibilities and activities. 


Creactivity could include stepping while in a meeting, stationary marching at the bus stop, or dancing while watching TV, or using infinite variety of movements as possible within people’s imagination, comfort and logistics.


Some people could meet all physical activity recommendations including moving frequently throughout the day with conventional physical activity including more recently promoted strategies for reducing sedentary time. If you have an active lifestyle, work that involves physical activity, and/or needed resources, you may already be meeting all your recommendations. For example people who do manual work, and also office workers who have access to gym and sit-stand workstations. However, for the vast majority, creactivity and VMove could bring an important change, facilitating higher levels of physical activity, fun and wellness. If you already exercise and remain active all day, you could be a source of inspiration and share VMove with others. 

Creactivity is a VMove concept for creatively incorporating physical activity. This narrated video demonstrates creactivity with examples contributed by VMovers. Being creactive throughout your day will help you increase physical activity without taking additional time.

Dr. Elsa Orellano inspires and facilitates students with creactivity, without disrupting the teaching and learning during a class.

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