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How can you be part of VMove?

Everybody is welcome. If you want to be part of VMove and have participated in any way (Facebook, website, logo use, YouTube Channel, or any VMove activity), you are already part of the VMove community. If you want to do more, you can help yourself, others and the VMovement.

Whether you are an athlete just wanting to find a way to take breaks from sitting in your workplace, can contribute special skills, or are struggling to motivate yourself out of a sedentary lifestyle, you can interact with VMove to overcome your own barriers and meet your own goals while also helping others by spreading VMove.

Start your moves! Share the benefits and help make VMoving the new normal globally. See below for different ways to contribute. You can be listed on the VMove website (if you want) by inspiring others and doing just a little more, and keep stepping up your impact and title. VMove would like to acknowledge you on the website if you can fill the self-assessment form.

  • Like/share the VMove Facebook page and follow Instagram page

  • Subscribe to the VMove Youtube channel

  • View, like, comment on and share the VMove videos and postings

  • Subscribe to the VMove mailing list

  • Use #VMove, #VMovement.

  • Move creactively by yourself in private or public settings.

  • Use the VMove hand signal, inviting others to move with you

  • Download and display the VMove logo

  • Lead group moves outside the norm.

  • Post photos and videos (see guidelines for videos), showing creative movement that you initiated in new ways or settings.

  • Enable and inspire an organization, neighborhood or community to adopt VMove, to change the norms to be move-friendly.

  • Develop, promote and display creative VMoves for a type of setting, type of group.

  • ​Take initiative to start new ways to promote, expand, and spread VMove

  • If you want to share some ideas, contribute new content, develop some new aspect, or want to contribute time or expertise (such as technical skills, physical activity and ways to spread the movement), please write to us at

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