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As you grow, you may get more inhibited and less physically active. Even if you may think you are very active, you may not be meeting the physical activity recommendations. Many teens are sitting in class all day and not aware of the importance of being active throughout the day (just as nature intended), even if they exercise. If you have been in energy conserving mode, start getting active now. You can feel young and energetic: this is the time to step up your physical activity, improve your fitness, and lose weight if you need. If you prioritize exercise and moving more throughout the day, you will likely remain lively and fit even when you are old.



Do small movements with arms and feet while sitting in class


Talk to your teachers about VMove to make the classroom move-friendly


Add some head/arm/shoulder movement while you walk


During breaks, do squats or fast dancing in a group



While watching TV, or using electronics, move around: see ways you can do this

Use a high table to do homework on so that you can stand/walk in place while working

Use moving and getting fit as a good excuse to take frequent breaks from homework to jump around and let loose and have fun

Add extra movement to any house chores that you do (or if you don’t do house chores, impress your parents by doing chores, and pick the ones that already involve movement such as vacuuming)

Extracurricular Activities

While waiting for a parent/friend, walk in place

If you are doing something sedentary, try to take frequent breaks or try it while standing

Join or start group activities such as dance, sports, karate, or yoga

Learn and play sports or do some athletic activities regularly. If you start now you can remain active for many years, much harder to start when you are older.


Walk in place or do small movements with your hands

Inspire your friends and make it cool to VMove and burn those calories together

Use VMove to socialize and make new friends

Do something bold, silly, active, and fun so that you can help others break their barriers, and you can also brag about it for a long time.

Dare each other to take a big step.  VMoving together to make some part of the world move-friendly   

VMove by Youngters

VMove break by Youngters at Library

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