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People spend a lot of time sitting at work. Here is how you can help yourself and your organization to move more at work, and show them you care about their health and well-being.

  • Sign up for your unit or organization, download the logo and the information sheet for workplace setting, and talk with your personnel and senior administration as needed.

  • Display both the Logo and the flyer (you can adapt as needed) in your workplace premises in key places, to inform people about VMove and the benefits, and to make it easier for you to move (as people will likely be more accepting if they see the flyer).

  • You can also use the logo to order your own promotional materials such as t-shirts, stickers, mouse pads, pens and bags to unify and motivate other personnel.

  • Set an example! The organization's leaders or anyone who leads this effort need to serve as role models to motivate others, and get people comfortable moving freely within the workplace. Endorsement from the supervisors is also very important.

  • VMove is expected to increase net productivity. Supervisors and leaders may be concerned about increasing wellness of personnel as well as productivity. It is important to openly discuss activity break times (ideally 2-3 minutes every 20-30 minutes) in a way that enhances wellness and productivity.  


For example:

Some activity breaks can be included within the lunch hour or other official breaks.

People can compensate time for other activity breaks when substantial.

Some activity can be included while continuing work (walking in place while meeting, etc).


  • Discuss and demonstrate VMove with people at all levels or identify setting or area leaders and train the leaders.

  • If you are leading a group, plan at least one daily and one major weekly group VMove activity to increase visibility and help create a move friendly environment.

  • Ask personnel to visit the VMove website and share and interact with the Facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel for motivation, more information and updates.

  • Create some recognition or other incentives (e.g. post videos of your company’s best VMovers), get regular feedback and progress updates, and help overcome barriers.

Moving Creactively

while Continuing Office Work

Group VMoving

during Activity Break

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