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Are you sitting most of your working hours? It is generally recommended to stand and take physical activity breaks after every 20-30 minutes of sitting. If you are sitting a lot without breaks, you need to change your daily routine, since it might be harming your health.

Many companies have started understanding the importance of physical activity in the workplace to benefit the health of their employees. Some workplace physical activity programs are geared to reducing sitting time, e.g. providing sit-stand workstations. However, these are resource intensive and not feasible for widespread use by companies and individuals, and may also have some limitations in achieving the goals.

If your company is not in the “physical activity wagon” yet, you can take the initiative to improve the norms for physical activity in your workplace.

VMove encourages people to move in their own imaginative ways in any setting, and inspire group activity. It is of course important to maintain productivity and consideration of others. Before starting this at work, introduce VMove to your co-workers and supervisor. Share the Facebook Page, website and Youtube channel. Importantly, check out this document specifically for workplace leaders who want to change the norms to facilitate more physical activity in their workplace. Share this document to support your initiative, and get your co-workers and supervisors to understand the need and benefits, and to support this change for the common good.

Once you have resolved any administrative and social barriers to moving frequently in your workplace, install one of the timers to remind you to move throughout the day. You can find ideas here on how to increase physical activity, different types of activity and getting comfortable moving with others in the workplace. You can also post the logo and use the hand signal and this document to communicate with and inspire others around you.

Be a role model, make and post videos as per the guidelines, moving with others in your workplace to inspire other people and companies globally. Share these videos through Facebook or email.  Some of these may also be selected and displayed on the VMove website and Youtube channel

Get VMoving and get healthy!

Office VMove breaks

Moving Creactively

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