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People are often bored and impatient when waiting, time goes slower than usual, and it is a great time to enjoy moving. Take a bold step, start marching or stretching.  If people are looking at you, talk to them and see if you can also motivate them to move with you. Explain about VMove, show videos from the Facebook page or website on your mobile device and see if you can draw them in and join you to have fun instead of getting bored. When you convince them, you help yourself and others. People around will at least understand your motivation, and be more accepting.   Alternatively, if you are shy, you can try low-key less noticeable movements and still do better than sitting or standing passively.


Be a leader, inspire group movement where there are long queues  or long waiting times (waiting in offices for your turn, in stores in a queue, for transportation, waiting for someone or something).


If you own or run an organization or unit where you have a waiting area (e.g. health care facility), post the VMove logo and flyer, and inspire people to move while waiting. You can lead changes that helps make the world more move friendly.

VMove and make waiting time fun

Instead of getting bored waiting, VMove!

VMove while waiting in queue

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