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How can organizations adopt VMove and get certified as move-friendly?

 (The certification  would help personnel’s health and morale as well as convey a positive image of your organization).

1.  Download logo/flyer on behalf of the organization, and post copies of the      logo/flyer to foster more physical activity in your premises.  If you        
     have a TV monitor in a waiting area, you can  also download the video for
     the waiting area. Your organization will be acknowledged on the
     website (you will also get points as an individual for your leadership).
2.  Post logos in key locations in premise, and if possible play the video for
     waiting areas.
3.  Disseminate and share VMove platforms (website/YouTube channel),    
      including links for the activity break timers to personnel.
4.  Find creative ways to promote, support and enale your personnel to
      VMove frequently. You can also communicate with VMove, if you need
      support in adapting VMove for your needs.
5.  Send photos/videos showing adoption of VMove by a large group or in
      multiple locations  with use of hand signal and logo to    (preferably also permit VMove  to use a
      paragraph describing your organization's VMove adoption, and any
      promotional materials developed to share on VMove platforms to help
      inspire others).
6.  Fill the "Move-friendly Organization" certification form (honor system)
      and respond to the email from VMove that will request photo/video(s) as
      above. After receiving this, if you have completed all criteria, your
      organization will be certified within two weeks.   

Note: If no organizations are displayed here, then please check again when the system is restored.

Organizations Adopting VMove

American Heart Association reducing sitting time in a meeting with VMove physical activity break

Organizations Acknowledged for Special Support

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