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For Windows PC Program: Big Stretch Reminder V2
  1. Download and install Big Stretch Reminder V2 (
  2. Open the application and you will find the following window.
5. Next click on display.
6. Click on a Micro-break to set
     the length of the break.
7. The recommended settings are the  ones seen on the image.
8. After this you can click message.
9.   In this window you can choose in between the built in motivational quotes or a custom message.
10. After this click on sounds.
11. Check the box if you which to enable sounds.
12. You can choose a standard sound from the program or choose a sound or song from your files to play whenever the break alarm comes on.
13. After you finish with the settings click save and close and you are all set to start your sedentary breaks
3. It is the initial screen you
    can set the time in between breaks. 
4. We suggest this setup in the image.
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