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Anroid Application: Sedentary Work

This program is designed for people with sedentary work. Programmers and lawyers , copywriters and freelancers , drivers and embroiderers , accountants and web designers, gamers and many other modern profession at risk to get problems. It resembles more to move, burn calories and be in good shape. By configuring your preferences for timed reminder , the program will remind perform simple exercises.

Instructions for Free Version:

  1. Download and install free application version from your application store.

  2. Open application.

  3. Click on the right arrow to adjust the time in between breaks (every 30-60 minutes is recommended).

  4. In the following interface, spin the black disc to adjust time.

  5. After adjusting time go back to the main screen by clicking on the left arrow.

  6. Back on the main screen click on the bell to adjust Notice, Sound, Vibration and Enable screen or click on the clock to adjust your schedule.

  7. After clicking on the bell you will encounter the following interface, here you can put a title and subtitle to you reminder. Choose the sound, volume and vibration option of the alarms. We suggest keeping Enable screen checked.

  8. After clicking on the clock you will find the following menu. You can schedule your breaks by day. First adjust the daily starting time by clicking here (for starting time). Set each starting and ending time individually and after.

  9. After setting all the times, check all the auto boxes to automate your schedule. It will start working automatically the next day and remember to keep the app on for it to work.

  10. Your schedule should be ready to start working! Get you moves on!!

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