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Public spaces are great to move and be active! You can inspire others while being considerate.

Natural Settings: Enjoy nature and work out at the same time. Move while you socialize with friends and family, or enjoy the solitude while exercising alone. In addition to walking and running, it is increasingly getting socially acceptable to do yoga, and other exercises in outdoor settings individually or in groups. If it is not acceptable around you, take the first step and move to make it so.

         Stand, walk, jog, hop or run

         Do lunges, jumping jacks

         Do yoga asanas (during sunrise or sunset would be


         Stretch or do Calisthenics while talking or socializing


Whether you are shopping, doing errands, or waiting for someone or something, take this time to multitask and burn some calories! When you hear good music, don’t feel inhibited to dance, even if you are the first.

Stores: While you are shopping, enjoy adding some extra movement to burn even more calories.  After you shop, your wallet is not the only thing that will feel lighter! Running errands such as going to the grocery store can sometimes be boring. You can make it something to look forward to by using your time at the store to move creactively.

      While waiting for friends, stretch, or do some jumping


     As you walk, strut around or add extra movement by moving      your hands

    If there is limited space, make small movements with your         arms/head/shoulders, dance in place

    If you want to be more discreet, walk around, do calf raises

Coffee Shop/Restaurants: Remember not to sit for too long. Take frequent breaks to move around. Even better, don’t just sit and work: stand! Use a tall table if available. Fast food restaurants are meant to be fast. But, even those few minutes in line can be used to move, and to help set a trend.

   While waiting in line or for your order to be ready: stretch,            wave your arms, dance in place

  Take frequent breaks to get up and stretch, walk in place, or        do some


  simple exercises

  Move to the music if there is music playing

Waiting: Use waiting time (e.g. at banks, bus stops, stores) to be active and make friends by introducing VMove and inspiring people around you to join.

Group activity waiting at Railway station
Railway video
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