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  • Be creactive  and come out of your social inhibitions where ever you are, in restaurants, in social settings, meeting people for work, running errands, in stores .

  • Be respectful of the needs of others and move without disrupting others.

  • Keep an electronic timer, tell people around that it is your timer beeping to take an activity break and you will be moving your body for a while as it is important for health, and they should try it too. 

  • Show them the hand symbol or carry/wear something with the logo to convey the message “Activating a move-friendly world” and help others understand, and motivate them to join as well.

  • Enjoy moving as per your comfort level, mood and setting, from light and less conspicuous to brisk or vigorous activity, from walking to dancing or squatting.

  • Use headphones or play a tune in your mind.

VMove: with diners in a restaurant 

VMove: Physical Activity Break with Diner and Waiter in a Restaurant

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