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“We don’t stop playing because we grow older; we grow older because we stop playing” says George Bernard Shaw. As we get older, we use age as an excuse to relax and not move, but moving and exercising may actually keep you younger.

If you have some major health condition or physical limitation, please visit this link, and make sure to adapt ideas to your needs.

Remember you can always dance and let loose wherever you are! Enjoy!


Walk around while watching news, listening to the radio, or socializing

Do housework such as vacuuming or cleaning

If you are sitting to read or work, remember to take frequent breaks to walk and move

Do small movements with your arms/head/shoulders to constantly be active

Vacation Settings

Explore the new area inside or outside: take your time walking!

Be creative and do your exercise in a new setting OR

Natural Settings

Enjoy nature by exploring it

Do yoga or yoga asanas in the beautiful outdoors


Do Calisthenics

Public Places

Walk in place


Older Adults Community

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