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Don’t let that stop you. VMove encourages everyone to exercise ANYWHERE, not limiting to conventional settings such as the gym. You don’t need to be in a gym to exercise and be active! Remember you are saving commuting time and you may be able to do more by being active where you are with what you have!
You can exercise
        At Home
        At Work (at least 10 minute sessions of moderate activity         count  towards exercise)
        In a Public setting
Examples :
        Walk, jog, or run in place
        Do squats and lunges
        Dance actively to fast music
        Use stairs at home or at work
        Use a towel, mat or blanket to do floor exercises or yoga
        Lay on your back or sit on a high chair and pedal along as         if on a bicycle
        Use household items as weights (be creative) or make               your own standardized weights in small bags with pebbles         or sand.                  
        Carefully  use furniture and structures in your house                   creatively to support your activities and stretches e.g. pull-         ups in the door ledges
        Make your own stepper from a stable step stool or stable           bath stool, find ceative ways to incorporate resistance                 activities
         Exercise with family, co-workers and friends to increase            motivation by seeing others moving and having group                accountability
         Do calisthenics such as yoga asanas
         Spend energy actively cleaning up your home, workplace          and public spaces

VMove demo using detergent bottle as weight

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