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Invited experts  

Mr. Paddy Dempsey is a PhD candidate and Exercise Physiologist at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia. He completed both Undergraduate and Master's degrees at the School of Physical Education, Sport and Human Physiology/Exercise Sciences, University of Otago, New Zealand. His research focuses on understanding the potential for preventing and managing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease through reducing or breaking up sedentary behaviour (too much sitting as distinct from too little exercise). He was the lead author of a randomized crossover laboratory study – The REsistance and WAlking breaks in Reducing Diabetes (REWARD) trial – which showed that frequent very light resistance activities reduce blood glucose, insulin and triglycerides, as well as blood pressure in patients with type 2 diabetes. He was also a contributing author on the most recent “Physical Activity Exercise and Diabetes” Position Statement for the American Diabetes Association. Paddy embeds more movement into his day through active commuting to work and standing while working at a desk.

Dr Sunil Wagh, is a physical activity specialist and trainer. He is a  Coach &  Programs Director for FITSKILLZ, teaching Basic Sport SKILLS & FITNESS to athletes and general population including older adults. He is course certified by ACSM, ESA and AFAA (Golden Hearts) workshop in physical activity and nutrition. He is a nationally accomplished Masters athlete and sportsman, and a silver medal winner in World Masters Games Badminton. He is a practicing Endodontist in Mumbai, India where he has implemented VMove in his clinic.

Celina Corteguera Jiménez, is President & Company Director of Corpwell Health Inc. She has over 25 years experience and strong expertise in developing and implementing corporate fitness and wellness programs. Her work includes occupational health, ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury prevention and health education. She has an MS in exercise science, and is certified as a physical activity specialist, wellness coach, yoga instructor and fitness trainer. She has embraced and integrated VMove concepts in her work. 

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