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Infants and toddlers are naturally active and full of lively energy. As parents or care-takers, sometimes their energy may feel like too much to handle and you may be tempted to restrict their activity. It is important to minimize restricting their movement and finding ways to enable your young ones to move freely within defined safe areas and to keep active and healthy. 

Find ways to exercise with your baby, even when infants can’t move on their own, they can still sense movement and it will help them become more active. Remember, this will help you get VMoving and get healthier too!

It is also important to limit their electronic games and TV time and inspire your toddlers to be more active. Choose videos that show and encourage physical activity and display in a way that they can join and move while watching.

Turn on lively music and let them dance to music; teach by example :-)

Move with them by playing active physical games with them.

New mothers don't get enough exercise. Don't let your baby be your excuse. Easy movements like this with the child can benefit the health of the mother.

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