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While watching TV

  • During Commercial Breaks

    • Run up and down the stairs

    • Run back and forth on the same floor

  • Either during commercials or the movie/show

    • Stretches

    • Exercises such as jumping jacks, squats, and lunges.

    • Dance

    • Use any household item to lift weights (be careful!)

    • Wave your arms and legs

    • Stand and walk or jog in place

While using electronic devices or phone

  • Stand or walk in place rather than sitting

  • Take frequent breaks when you can to walk around for a few minutes

During cooking/ironing/other household chores

  • Walk in place or dance

  • Add exaggerated movements

  • Move creatively

With Family/Friends

You can do any of the above with your family or friends that are at your home and can even be more fun with them! Below are other ideas:

While socializing: don’t sit but walk around instead

Sing and dance together

Group calisthenics such as yoga asanas

Play Simon Says

Some of these 10 minute activities may also work

Whoever thought washing dishes could be such fun

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