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Healthcare professionals play a key role in informing and motivating people to adopt healthy behavior.
Healthcare facilities, is a great setting where patients can be motivated to get more active.
VMove provides a free poster that can be posted for healthcare professionals to convey the message about reducing sedentary time in the waiting room, where they would otherwise be sitting passively.
Regardless of the type of specialty or patient population, increasing physical activity and breaking sedentary time will help your patients in many ways, as you may already be aware.
You can also edit the poster to tailor to your setting and include your clinic name on the poster.  Please keep the VMove information visible so that patients can benefit by seeing more of the content from the VMove sources.
We also encourage you to circulate the poster to your personnel and get them engaged in moving in front of the patients, demonstrating the principles of VMove by example.
As a health professional, we hope you will play an active role in VMove. Importantly, be a role model and inspire others by taking videos as per our guidelines of staff and patients adopting VMove and share these videos through Facebook or email.  Some of these may also be selected and displayed on the VMove website and Youtube channel.

Download the guidelines for Waiting areas

in clinics and hospitals (to complement the logo)

Improve your patients' health by playing this in your clinic waiting area

Health professionals can have a special role in promoting physical activity among their patients and aid in changing the culture of inactivity. VMove is an initiative that helps patients and individuals increase their productivity and lead healthier lifestyles.

VMove in action at Mashru Clinic, Mumbai

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