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Suggestions for Uploading VMove Videos on Facebook

  • Use VMove hand signal and/or logo displayed visibly

  • Even a 10 second video could make an impact and convey the movement and setting; in any case activity videos should generally not exceed 1 minute

  • The video should show people moving, the more active the better as feasible within  your setting (if you are taking a break you can dance to fast music, do squats, walk/jog in place, or move creactively any which way)

  • Show movements outside the norm

  • Inspire groups to move together

  • Solo videos are ok if in new unconventional setting

  • You can add a description including the name of Institutions/Move Leaders in Facebook

  • If you prefer you can display organizations/leaders name or logo within the video 

  • You can include music or narrative describing the setting or activity or just video without sound

  • Importantly, have fun while getting healthy


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