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Join VMove, a novel, free physical activity initiative by a scientist and public health professional, Dr. Kaumudi Joshipura, who introduced it during a TEDx talk. VMove was initiated to inspire, empower and enable people to engage in physical activity anytime; anywhere without resources to fill a gap between research and translation into practice. VMove is innovative and has important health benefits. See this post about VMove by Harvard University to get an overview.


Exercise cannot compensate for a sedentary lifestyle, so current physical activity guidelines recommend taking activity breaks from sitting, and increasing movement throughout the day, in addition to exercise. However, many of us spend long hours sitting, and it is challenging to take activity breaks and move throughout the day, as it often requires us to move in front of others outside the current norms. VMove helps create a move-friendly world, and facilitates individual and group movement, wherever and whenever possible by inspiring creative movement, and providing a unifying way to help change the norms globally. VMove also brings play and fun into routine work, and other settings. VMove inspires people to use every opportunity to be active, and creatively move while doing other things, thus helping people meet all the physical activity recommendations including exercise as well as breaking sedentary time.

It is easy to incorporate VMove into your life, and to lead others, regardless of your current activity level. Visit the VMove website, and YouTube Channel to find ideas, timers, ways to overcome your barriers, and even to see others in action who have adopted VMove. You can also be a role model for others by contributing videos to the Facebook page and videos. Your video may also be selected for the VMove website and YouTube Channel. We also declare a winner for the best VMover video of each month. Check the website to see how you can play an active role in adopting and spreading VMove and become a VMove leader.


Watch, share, comment, subscribe, and VMove. To subscribe log into your Gmail account and click here, or if you have a YouTube account, sign in to your YouTube account, search for VMovement, click on our channel with the VMove logo as below, and click subscribe. Once you subscribe, you will get notifications when VMove adds more videos. Now is your chance to take the first step and start VMoving and reaping the many health benefits of VMove. 


If you have already adopted VMove, please fill the form to be acknowledged on the website, and help inspire others. 


VMove:  Activating a Move-Friendly World

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