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How can you help yourself and inspire others at the same time?

Contributions: You can contribute in different ways  ranging from very easy to challenging but fulfilling ways. You will accumulate points based on your different contributions.

Self-assessment: A self-assessment form (based on an honor system) will be online shortly, which will enable you to log your contributions to activating a move-friendly world and enable VMove to give you credit for your contributions.

Titles and website listing: When you qualify for any title and fill the form, you will be listed on the website with the title you qualify for based on your reported contributions.

Qualifying is simple, and if you don’t qualify right now, you can come back to the form again at any time when you meet the criteria or reach the next title.

We encourage you to fill this form, get listed on the website, and aim for higher titles, continuing to inspire more people and help spread the VMovement.

Invited experts: VMove will invite experts, as needed, and list them as such on the website. Invited experts carry the only title that is not based on points, milestones and self-assessments. If you are an invited expert, you are also encouraged to take initiative and contribute beyond your requested expertise, and accumulate points and complete milestones for other titles as above.

Philosophy: We encourage anyone who likes or benefits from VMove to inspire others. The criteria for the titles are based on points for the different level of contributions, and also include completion of milestones for most titles. Activities that make a bigger contribution to making the world move-friendly earn higher points. Titles are meant to signify the level to which individuals have helped VMove in making the world move-friendly.


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