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If you are highly active, you meet or exceed recommended exercise levels in most weeks, have a good discipline and routine, probably know a lot about physical activity and include some physical activity beyond your favorite aerobic exercise during each week.

Even if you exercise a lot daily, you could still be a sedentary athlete if you spend the rest of your day mostly sitting at work or elsewhere. You may know about the benefits of frequent activity breaks (even if short), to reduce sedentary time and add movement throughout the day, independently of your daily structured exercise.  However, it may be challenging to put in practice, because you are around people and it is not the norm to move in your surroundings. VMove helps you in overcoming exactly such barriers.

Talk to people with whom you share your space, and with your supervisors and company leaders. Share VMove with them, and jointly work on being comfortable moving around each other. Download and post the logo and flyer to explain to visitors and coworkers. People may join you or at least will be receptive and understanding of your actions. You can also plan common timings for some activity breaks and rotate leaders who can organize and lead group activities in the workplace. You can then conduct part of your cardiorespiratory, resistance, flexibility and neuromotor physical activity or just add activity breaks spread across the day to your routine  to optimize the health benefits and enhance your fitness level.

Some days you may feel a barrier to exercise or to completing your desired physical activity because you are in a public setting or in a busy work schedule. Don’t worry about people watching, introduce them to VMove with the logo or hand signal or by showing them people moving in public on the VMove Facebook page or website. Inspire yourself and them to set new norms to exercise together wherever you are and lead group exercises in 10-minutes or longer sessions. As an athlete, people look to you as a role model. If you start moving or leading groups to move out of the norm in public, you can help many others and help make the world move-friendly.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi

Office Activity Break for Highly Active

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