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VMove advocates increasing activity throughout the day in whatever you are wearing, from formal wear to pajamas.

Don’t feel limited to comply with fashions or norms of what people generally wear for specific activities, except as practically necessary.

Work clothes or formal wear should not stop you from your desired physical activity, as long as you are comfortable.

Choose clothes and footwear that are comfortable for the activities you are planning.

Examples of clothes that can be worn to work to be comfortable during physical activity during work

You don’t need to buy and wear “sports attire” to exercise. Set new norms for what becomes acceptable.

There are different types of exercises that can be done in your work attire, movement of hands, arms, torso by stretching or moving can improve your health if are done daily.

VMove in formal attire: WAPA Noticentro TV staff

VMove in everyday clothes: Rural area 

Old age video

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