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Work and family may seem like a lot to juggle, and running between the two may make you believe that you are active enough. But, it’s important that you are aware of and meet all the physical activity recommendation, so that you keep youthful, healthy and fit through your old age.

Take a closer look: most of us spend the majority of our time sitting at work. Even outside of work, we are sitting in the car, sitting to read, sitting to watch the news, sitting to socialize… you get my point. But there are easy ways to integrate movement into activities you already do.

To start off: stand or walk in place instead of sitting!

Add small movements such as head/arm/shoulder movements when you can

Use waiting time to move



Talk to your boss and colleagues to stand/walk in place while you have meetings


Arrange a specific time at work for everyone to walk or move together for a few minutes

Take 10 minutes  during your lunch break to get some exercise such as stair climbing or brisk walking indoors or outdoors.


Do Isometric Exercises



Add extra movement while doing housework such as cooking, cleaning, ironing

Do housework AND get exercise by vacuuming, cleaning your car, cleaning your surroundings

Diabetes dare dance

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