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Most people exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at a time, generally the more the better.

If you are not exercising even for 20 minutes, or are exercising only sporadically, you need to change this to get to the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate or vigorous activity. If you have made it up to the 10 minute sessions, you can extend your activity for longer, and step it up.

If you are struggling to find ways to exercise on more days, tie exercise into something you do every day. For example, don’t feel inhibited while watching TV with others and inspire them to move with you. If limited space or time is an issue, check out these links to see how you can integrate exercise at home, work, and in public spaces.   

Exercising for extended periods of time is important for your body and can build your body’s endurance. If the thought of working out for 30 minutes at a stretch scares you, you can work your way up from 20 minutes. Find something that you enjoy or add some fun dimension to your exercise (e.g. music, creative movement with your hands). You may be surprised by how refreshed you will feel and that it is actually hard to stop moving once you get started!

When, where, how?

At work or school, use part of your lunch break to exercise

Right before your morning caffeine :-) so that your brain may not notice

Wake up earlier or combine with some other activity (e.g. while watching news)

Right after you get home, before you go from your work chair to your sofa

Right before bed is a great time for yoga, isometric exercises, and stretching. Move and relax your mind. It may help you sleep better!

You can find some more examples here, and below.

Creactively outside the norms during a busy day outside your usual surroundings

Daily scheduled time for 20 or more minutes of exercise: Work towards this goal, because you need to exercise regularly. Remember you can still socialize and watch TV or even accomplish housework while you get your exercise.  You can do traditional exercises such as brisk walking or running or try some of these suggestions below.

                Walk or jog in place while watching TV or talking


                Do yoga outside

                Run up and down the stairs

                Gym access is not needed. Do exercises with your available resources

                Weight lifting (if you do not have weights, make your own as shown by                          wikihow 

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