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  • When you cannot find time 20-30 minutes continuously, try 10 minute sessions.

  • Does even finding 10 minutes sound difficult? Here is how you can incorporate 10 minute workouts into your day.

  • Take part of your lunch break to exercise for 10 minutes

  • Right when you wake up and you are trying to wake yourself up

                Breaks between activities or tasks

  • While on the phone

  • While doing a simple task

  • While waiting for something or someone

  • During a meeting

  • While ironing

  • In class, while teaching or learning

  • While cooking

  • While socializing

  • While watching TV

  • While working (be creative)




Dance while doing stationary housework such as dishes, folding laundry, and cooking


Stand up and add movements as you can for 10 minutes while continuing work


While watching TV: walk in place and wave your arms around instead of sitting


While on the phone: stretch or move creatively around instead of sitting


While in class, stand up and walk in place; if you need to remain seated: raise your legs, and move your hands around.

Take 10 minutes of your lunch break to walk outside or indoors

You can also extend any activity listed in the 1-3 minute category for 10 minutes.

Dance to music (or play a tune in your mind)

Walk up and down the stairs

If walking a short distance, do lunges or hop to your destination

During your lunch break do squats instead of spending time surfing  

While watching TV: jog or walk briskly in place

Right before eating lunch, take 10 minutes to jog in place

Dance to music

During a commercial break: run up and down the closest flight of stairs before the show starts  

Right before eating lunch, run up and down the stairs as many times as you can in 10 minutes

Dance actively to fast music


Inspire others: Most activities listed above can be done in groups and can even be more fun! Cheer each other on, take turns being the leader, play games.

During coffee breaks, form a circle and:

Play Simon Says

One leader makes a movement and will say a command. Only when the leader precedes the command with “Simon Says…” the group should follow the command, otherwise they should follow the movement (tricky as leaders will try to confuse the group by doing saying and doing two different things).

Do some simple exercises together such as:

  • Climbing the stairs (if already using stairs to get to the break room, go up and down them an extra time for fun)

  • Dance or go dancing from one place to another through the corridors and invite others to join

  • Aerobic exercises

As an alternative to getting part of your aerobic exercise, you can use 10 minutes at work to do some light stretching or standing yoga asanas if you have learnt these.

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