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Be creative!

Be considerate: use headphones or play a tune in your mind when you may disturb others.



Make every minute count. While 2-3 minute activity breaks are generally recommended, even adding a 60 second movement break to your routine can make a difference to your body. Start first thing in the morning! Even when you are still lying in bed, wondering whether you are still asleep, you can start some light stretching.




Wave your hands and feet, dance in your chair






Make exaggerated movements while you walk squats, dynamic stretches


Dance (play a tune in your mind, sing to yourself, or use headphones)


Walk in place at a moderate speed.


Find out here where you can incorporate a few minutes of movement in entertaining ways.

  • While microwaving food

  • Waiting for the copy machine

  • While waiting for the restroom or drying your hands

  • Starting your computer

  • Waiting for a program to start or downloading a file

  • Waiting for the elevator or in the elevator (even better: take the stairs)

  • In between or before presentations or meeting agenda items

  • Waiting for the train  

  • Waiting at the airport







Short distance sprint, run up and down stairs, jumping jacks





Remember: Most activities listed above can be done in groups and can even be more fun! Cheer each other on, play games, take turns being the leader! Some fun physical activities for a group include:

  • Short distance race

  • Dance together- play some music

  • Play tag  

  • Move creatively in the corridor

  • Strut your way from place to place


For more ideas on how to exercise:


Alternatively, you can also do some light stretching.

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